About "We Are Moss Point"

“We Are Moss Point” is an organization that was born out of my love and passion for my hometown.  My goal is to empower the community to be the best version of itself, embracing civic pride and values that bring people together, regardless of their race, class, or social status differences. 

OUR FOCUS is conveying positive information about our neighborhood, uplifting our community, and fostering civic pride and values that unite us all, regardless of our differences in race, class, or social status. 

OUR VISION is to raise social awareness of their responsibility to bring about communal development and empowerment to work towards reviving the hopes of the entire community and our youth. 

Our History Of Community Involvment

We aim to support programs that meet the community’s needs and create a positive environment for young people to thrive. We strive to build upon our past initiatives that uplift and empower the youth of our city.

Our mission is to improve the well-being of our community through a comprehensive approach that addresses physical, environmental, mental, and social needs.

The core of our mission is to collaborate with local officials to empower the next generation and contribute to a brighter future for our city.